MASI: A Novel Combination of Mask and Shield With Near-N95 Efficiency


Mask wearing has become critical for preventing the aerosolization and inhalation of virus-laden particles during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. However, facial masks with effective filtration are either not readily accessible (e.g., N95) or have reduced filtration efficiency due to air gaps between the mask and the wearer (e.g., cloth masks). We have developed a novel combination of a mask and a shield named mask and shield integrated (MASI) that provides nearly the same levels of protection as an N95 mask by addressing these issues. Magnetic latches reduce gaps between the mask and the wearer, while a novel fin structure on the shield provides protection against floating particles. A series of experiments was performed to study the MASI’s efficacy in both eliminating mask gaps and also providing N95-like filtration efficiency. The MASI was found to solve both problems, thus providing a low-cost mask solution that can be applied to a broad range of environments to prevent inhalation of small airborne particles.

IEEE Sensors Journal